Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Jenny Lewis - I'm Your Silver Lining

Well maybe I'm not Ms. Lewis's silver lining, but she was golden at Mr. Small's, a venue in a sleepy neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Like many things here it's in an old church. I didn't quite expect such a crowd, but all the Pittsburgh hipsters were out in full force. Well except hipsters here still use glowsticks, maybe they are so uncool that they've become cool again? I missed that memo.This is most likely my last concert in Pittsburgh and it was a dream realized. I did pass up seeing Rilo Kiley last year at Terminal 5, but this certainly made up for it. Though honestly I much prefer smaller, more intimate concerts where there is a connection between performer and audience. Not that Jenny didn't connect with the crowd, they loved her.
The first several songs were all ones I was dying to hear live, though by the time she got to "Happy" things mellowed a bit for me, but they picked back up with "Carpetbagger" and "Silver Lining." In all it was a great show.Forgive the blurriness of the pictures, I did not have height or my camera's settings on my side.

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