Monday, November 14, 2011


An early class and feeling a little ill caused me to skip a Friday photo. And then I was home this weekend, which was much needed. Now I feel like I have a fresh start to the week. The only part of the weekend I didn't like was driving on Friday night. I'm still adjusting to all the driving I'm now doing and doing it in the dark by myself can freak me out. Especially in the hills of western Maryland. I probably have another drive this Friday night, but it will be shorter and relatively flat in comparison.

I'm not teaching today, so I dressed a little less formal with skinny jeans and boots. These are the boots I bought on 34th after arriving in NYC during the October Blizzard. They weren't great so that weather, but they were good enough and they're pretty cute.

Blazer - Trader K's
Tank - Gabe's
Jeans - Old navy
Boots - Blizzard boots from Payless
Scarf - $5 scarf from 40th and 5th



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