Monday, May 08, 2006


I am trying to be really patient and wait for my socks to get to my pal and wait for my own socks to come. The suspense is nearly killing me. And then what if my pal didn't finish on time, or dropped out? How will I know? I'll just be waiting by the mailbox sadly and nothing will ever come. I also feel like I should have put a tracking number on my package, cause I love tracking packages and am afraid my socks will get lost. Poor lost socks, I can't have that. Well, hopefully the mail will come through and there will be socks all around soon.

I'm being over dramatic and lunch didn't help. I went to the drug store to find that my prescription wasn't ready, Sephora to find they didn't have the color of lip gloss I tried last week, and I waited in line at H&M to try on pants that looked like crap. Gah, back to work.


Blogger Katie said...

Elise, they're here, they're here! And I LOVE them! They are way more than I even imagined, better than I could knit for myself. The yarn is great and the pattern goes so well with the colors! I have been trying to post about them, but blogger won't take my photos. Thank you so much for knitting for me. (I have them on right now!)

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