Thursday, August 14, 2008

An eventful half hour, well to me...

Tuesday evening I on my way to a friend's house for a small get together. And it was an eventful trip there. Well the whole evening was eventful, but certainly not as odd as my trip into the East Village.

When I got on the full train at herald square an older asian woman offered me her seat. I declined, but then realized she probably thought I looked pregnant in my babydoll dress and was not helped by my slouchy posture. I do pilates, I should not look like I'm going to give birth. I spent the rest of the ride trying to stand as straight as I could.

I got off the subway and started walking over into the East Village. Just past Lafayette I see a blond woman checking messages on her cell phone. The blond woman caught my eye as it was none other than Debbie Harry. I was slightly tempted to scream out, "Call me!" to her, but tried to keep my calm, cool celebrities are dull face. But it is kind of awesome to see someone who is so damned cool.

I walk a little farther and see a guy in a vintage Gale Catlett basketball camp t-shirt. This is really only interesting to the Morgantown crowd, as we went to school with his daughter, but still pretty random to see in the E.V.

Then lots of fun and hilarity insued and I ended up at the delancey street stop at midnight kicking myself for not leaving the living room earlier. Though on the other hand I think I finally really appreciate the fine work of the 5 deadly venoms.



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