Thursday, August 07, 2008

not ready for morning

I've been trying to pack up this week and stressing that everything won't fit in the car come Sunday. While work and going out has been a welcome distraction, I am also very tired. And I guess that's why I fell out of bed this morning. Unless the red wine I had last night was so good that it knocked my body off its equilibrium.

Carrie Rodriguez at Joe's Pub last night was wonderful and Joe's Pub is a better venue than I thought it would be. It's just too bad that all I could think about during the show was silly stuff like packing and all the errands I had to run. sigh.

I just looked up the website for Carrie Rodriguez and it says that she's the free download of the week on itunes. So go download Infinite Night for free. I can tell you already that it's a great song. Plus she'll be on Mountain Stage and Austin City Limits soon. Awesome.

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