Friday, May 19, 2006


I may have been overreacting a little about my hair. It will be fine once the bangs grow out a bit and then before I know it my hair will be shoulder length again. I think it was just a shock to find my hair so short. Until it grows out I guess I'll try to "make it work" as I can't go into hiding and not leave my house for a month. I intend to try to look French and pixie-like until my hair is a normal length again. I suppose this will involve trying to wear cute clothes and makeup (ugh). But I didn't buy that fancy makeup for nothing.

Anyway, knitting, yes I am still doing that and I even have a picture above of the lovely lace sock. I have decided to call it a strawberries and creme lovely lace sock because it is kind of creamy looking. I haven't fallen in love with this pattern and I'm not sure that it's a perfect match for the yarn, but I think it will look cute when I'm done and that's all that really matters.


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