Tuesday, June 12, 2007


After yesterday's preachy post I thought I should lighten it up and post about something fun, or two fun things.

I recently joined netflix and am loving it so far. It is wonderful going home knowing there is a movie for me to watch and the selection is much better than any video store.

My most favorite new toy is ravelry.com It is super fun and useful and has motivated me to do even more knitting. It is also really useful. I never keep track of my projects and projects I want to do next. I can now track each project, so if I forget what needle, what size or what yarn I'm using it's on the internet. And when I see projects I like I can add them to my queue for later. If I'm not sure if I like a pattern from the picture with it I can search on ravelry to see other people's and see what yarns they used. If you have trouble with something there are people to ask right there. It is just such a great idea.


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