Thursday, July 26, 2007


I have felt like I have been spinning like a top lately, but it may be the constant crowds that are annoying me the most. Yesterday when walking to the subway to go home it occurred to me that the last thing I wanted to do was get on a subway train. I wanted to blink my eyes and be home. This has been a pretty constant feeling lately. I'm going to look into this book that I saw on another blog and maybe treat myself a little more. That includes looking at shoes after work tonight and eating falafel and even buying a spinning kit if things are horrid in August. I may not get to Rhinebeck this year so this might be the best way to learn some spinning.

And there are no pictures as I just keep plugging away on things, especially serrano. This past weekend I realized that I had knit all the way to the armholes without increasing for the bust. Ooops. So I ripped back 7 inches. That hurt, but I am back up to 11 inches now. 3 more to go before I can start the armholes. I will get this sweater done if it kills me.


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