Friday, September 23, 2005

books books books

In an effort to keep track of books that I read and to figure out exactly how many I do read in a month or a year here is what I have finished this month.

How to Breathe Underwater Julie Orringer - I liked this collection of short stories a lot, which really means something because usually I can't read short stories at all. I hope she has a novel soon.
Here is New York E. B. White - Short essay about New York, with a strange passage at the end about howw easy it would be for planes to attack and destroy NY.
Let It Rain Coffee Angie Cruz - A New York immigant story about a family who comes from the Dominican Republic.
Rococo Adriana Trigiani - I have read books by this author that I like better. I was bothered all the way through the book by the fact that I thought the narrator was gay. He was a decorator, liked fine clothes, art, music, and in one passage said he didn't really like having sex with women. But he never came out. I know I am stereotyping this character, but it really just bothered me.
To the Nines Janet Evanovich - I needed a fluffy book and I love the fluffy little mysteries by this author. Not really literature, but perfect weekend in bed reading.
You Don't Have to Live Here Natasha Radojčić-Kane - I just finished this book and I can't really decide what I think of it so far. It was about a muslim girl from Eastern Europe and the crazy life she lead before she settled down.


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