Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The past couple weeks have been kind of dreary, both weather-wise and life-wise, excluding the brief interlude of the sheep and wool orgy two weeks ago. The weather has been blah and I have been feeling rather blah as there are no real exciting personal prospects on the horizon. There has been family tension and I have been feeling like it is my lot in life to just be alone. Perhaps I have been watching too much lovey-dovey stuff on TV. Perhaps I am still upset over he who never called. I don't really know.

I keep plodding away on the sweater; I only have half a front and a sleeve left before the finishing and this time it should fit. Besides that the sheep and wool seems to have inspired me to jump into new projects as I have a sock, 2 scarves, and a felted bag on the needles. I am also thinking of starting a pouch that I can felt with the bag over thanksgiving and give to my mom for christmas. And there is the lovely alpaca that will perhaps become a wrap sweater from knitty, if I can get the yarnovers right and figure how to fix the gauge.


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