Thursday, September 29, 2005

Rip rip rip

So I started ripping the sweater apart. I thought I could just reknit straight from the pieces themselves, but that is turning out to be too crimpy looking. Basically it's not laying flat when I do that. So this morning I started ripping out and putting the yarn into skeins on the back of a chair so I can wet it and dry it again so it will relax and knit flat again. I will definitely not finish it for Rhinebeck. No way. Oh well, it might have been too warm to wear anyway.

I have been really sleepy lately which I think might be in part to two things; not enough iron and not enough water. I have been craving burgers lately which I think probably means I need red meat and iron, since I think I have a tendency to be a bit iron deficient anyway. I am always cold and pale which people seem to think means I need iron. And the water, I am forgetting to drink it at work, so I think that helps the afternoon sleepyness I seem to get. I will try to drink more water today and tomorrow I maybe will go get a burger, though it may be a turkey one, as I am scared of not knowing where my ground beef comes from. I'm a little neurotic like that.


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