Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I think I just have general malaise, as I keep getting really tired in the afternoon, though I managed to get about no sleep Sunday night as I was woken up by the garbage truck and then the awful alarm that makes me want to smash things.

I had no internet this weekend, my computer doesn't really like my wireless card, so the connection can be rather finnicky. I hope it works again, as I want to download more podcasts to listen to at the gym, while travelling and at work.

I haven't finished putting together the too big sweater, but so far from the one side that is done it doesn't look good. I think the raglan seam is too long. Perhaps I'll finish seaming it tonight and then I can rip it back to the raglan seam once I figure how to shorten it. I have to work faster cause it's getting cold. I think I like to procrastinate too much and I keep wanting to work on my lacy shrug from knitty, it is much more fun and it is going so fast. I don't know if I'll like it when it's done, but so far it's going so fast that I just want to push on through.


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