Tuesday, October 04, 2005

There's Nothing Like a Good Bitchfest in the Morning

The train was crowded as usual this morning, so there was the inevitable fight for seats. I had miraculously managed to get a seat and was sitting and reading my book when a bunch of people got off the train to transfer and the scramble for a seat began. Two women went for the same seat, skinny woman and short hair woman. The short hair woman got the seat, but skinny remarked to a friend of her's that her butt was half on the seat. The short hair woman asked skinny if she wanted the seat, skiny said "No, that's ok," with disdain in her voice. Short hair woman huffed, "Well, obviously it isn't," and got up.

Ah, nothing bitchier than a New York morning. Usually I avoid such encounters and just give the damn seat to the person who seems to want it. Well except if I am sick or hungover or something.


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