Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oh, little blog I have been so neglectful of you. I have been very busy.

Last weekend I was in DC, which was fun and restful, just what I needed. I took the lovely train and finished my scarf on the way there and slept on the way back.

And today there was the marathon and walking around the city all day. Which can tire a girl out. I tell ya.

In between I have been trying to finish the ribby cardi and various things I'll felt when I go home for Thansgiving (less than 3 weeks!). The cardi is all sewn up and is now waiting for frint bands and a collar. I think I'm going to do snaps instead of a zipper or buttons. I should be able to fins some big snaps. Tonight I'll work on sewing my bag up so I can felt it over Thansgiving.


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