Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have begun the new year by reading some really challenging books (insert sarcasm). The first one being Must Love Dogs by Claire Cook. It was quite sweet, although reading about dating through personals almost makes me think that I should try it, even though I am scared of it. And then I get all self-conscious about my single forever status and think that I am indeed a reject.

I have started the new Ruth Reichl book about her restaurant reviewing days. I am reading a little at a time to prolong the joy. It is wonderful, of course, and she even ate in a restaurant that I have eaten in and I don't really go to fancy restaurants. She ate at Kang Suh on 32nd street where I went with Melissa and girl when they were visiting. It sounds like it has changed, but that is to be expected. And to think Melissa's girl keep pronouncing it Kang suck. Well it certainly doesn't, suck that is.

In 2006 I want to know for sure just how many books I read. I will try to keep better track, really I will.


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