Monday, January 22, 2007

On the L.E.S. with clapotis

I went to a bar on Friday nigh to celebrate a roommate's birthday. I was sitting directly in front of the door, so I kept my bulky weight clapotis wrapped around my neck. As I was chatting with the girl across the table from me she asked me where I had gotten my scarf. I sheepishly (bad pun) fessed up that I had made it. She acted very impressed. Though then she said something about knitting being "mindless". I don't think she meant that knitters don't have brains.

Anyway, why do I always feel like I have to hide my knitting a bit? It's like with nonknitters I have to pretend it is a loser hobby for someone with 12 cats. Maybe that's the way I see it in my head, even though there are all sorts of wonderfully creative beautiful things to knit I think I still see it as being somewhat grandmotherly. Sewing I have always admitted, but this knitting I like to hide. Like when I went to rhinebeck this year, I was very excited, but when the boy I was seeing asked what I was doing that weekend I just said I was going to see a friend in Albany. And that is where I was staying..... And then when I came back and he asked what we did I said we had gone to a fiber festival. I did not tell him about the crowds and the clapoti I saw and the yarn ogling and the fatigue and the lamb burgers, I simply said fiber festival and changed the subject. He knew I knit, he saw my purple gloves and my scarf and told me he liked them, but why did I hide it?


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