Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Lately, I have been studying for a big scary test that I want to do really well on. So I have had less time for knitting, which is sad. And I'm going to Texas instead of Rhinebeck this year, which is also sad. Is it irony when one of your knitting friends chooses the weekend of Rhinebeck to get married? I don't know.

Anyway, I do have plenty of yarn and can always buy more on the internets, but if I was going to Rhinebeck this year I would finally break down and get some of that wonderful korma/corma? wool to make something like this:
Which is a sweater from the gap, but I fell a bit in love with the cables and think it would be better with a v neck in some really yummy wool. Don't you?

And PS the pink cotton sweater is almost done. Hurrah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the serrano.

I'm your sock saviour for sockapalooooza (enough 'o's? not sure...!) - sorry I've not been in touch before....

Your socks will be coming from a fair distance, but they're well under way so hang on in there!

I've picked some gorgeous yarn (though I do say so myself....!) and the colours are amazing. I think (hope...) you'll like them.

Samson Socky Sock Pal

1:29 PM  

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