Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Pittsburgh is for ?

One thing that has constantly puzzled me about Pittsburgh is the difference in the way people treat me. I have noticed it several times since moving here. People want to protect me more, strangers, friends, whomever. Friends want to walk me to my car, worry that I'm ok over there by myself and strangers do things like tell me not to cross the street and call me sweetheart. I really can't quite wrap my head around it. I don't think I look as near as bewildered as I did on that trip to the Ikea five years ago to buy furniture.

PS Pandora is smart, the punch brothers station just chose to play "son of sam" by Elliot Smith, which they just happened to cover a few weeks ago in concert. How did you know Pandora?

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Blogger Kaz said...

Pandora knows things. lol.
Sorry for popping up out of nowhere. ;>___>

9:28 PM  

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