Friday, September 18, 2009


I just finished revising my CV so my brain is a bit fried, all I can manage are a few lists.

Things I miss about Pittsburgh:
Schoolhouse Yoga
Crazy Mocha
Library Friends
Knitting group
Running through Squirrel Hill to Chatham

Things I don't miss:
The use of fries as a condiment
My apartment
The bus and the people on it
Being bored
Sports, though being able to watch WVU on local stations was awesome

Things I wish I could find:
My hammer
The first sleeve of a sweater I'm knitting

Fingers crossed I find them soon. Putting my apartment together is like solving a puzzle, I can't put up shelves without the hammer, but the shelf problem is keeping me from unpacking several boxes. It looks like I'm going bowling this weekend which is surprising considering how funny I thought the popularity of bowling was in Pittsburgh.


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