Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crafterday: Kool Aid

Happy Halloween! I don't have anything to post for the holiday, but I have been crafting, knitting away on a secret thank you gift. I can't show this gift, but something I'll be working on soon.
I've prepped some old white wool from my stash to dye with kool aid. Once I find some glass jars to put the dye in I'll do it. All I will need to do is:

-Get the yarn wet by submerging it in water and then wring it out a little.
-Dissolve the packets of kool aid in water mixed with a liberal dose of vinegar. The vinegar helps set the color.
-Apply kool aid mixture to yarn. Some people will put this all in one dish, I like to distribute the yarn between two jars so the yarn will fade from one color to another.
-Heat the yarn in kool aid mixture in the microwave until the yarn appears to have soaked up the color. I do this by pulling the yarn a little out of the mixture to see if the mixture still has the color. Reheat if necessary. Some people also use the oven or an old pot on a stove top to heat the yarn.
-When it appears done run cool water over the yarn. If the color looks like it is bleeding, heat the yarn with a mix of vinegar and water to set the color.

Hopefully I'll get to this soon and post a finished picture.

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