Monday, November 02, 2009

Music Monday: Rainy Saturday

Last Saturday it poured and poured all day and was generally the kind of day where I want to stay inside all day in my pajamas. But I braved the storm, went out and was very happy with my decision (once I was inside that is). I headed over to City Winery to see Elizabeth and the Catapult, a band I have been putting off seeing for far too long. I should have seen them in Pittsburgh when they came through with Jeff Taylor last July, but I couldn't bring myself to go down to Lawrenceville by myself again. While I won't rush out to City Winery again*, I will rush to see again. I love their fun, quirky music and Elizabeth Ziman has a great voice and stage presence.

After that I headed over to the Rockwood Music Hall to see Jeff Taylor who had just performed with EATC. He, like Ziman, also has a really great voice, distinctive with a great depth to it. His music all has a very creative use of rhythm mostly expressed through hand-clapping.

I can't stress how much I enjoy seeing shows at the Rockwood, it is a great space and I have loved everything I've seen there. It is also a funny contrast from my experience at Carnegie Hall a few weeks ago, instead of sitting several stories above the musicians, I am literally backing into them before they make their way onstage.

And because Taylor was at the EATC show and Ziman was at the Rockwood I got to enjoy this song twice in one night. I was a very lucky girl.

*it's a weird space, part restaurant, part listening room in one open space which really should be two different rooms.

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