Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I think it's safe to post a few pictures of what I'm giving this Christmas. I don't think my mom or dad read the blog.

First is my dad's hat:

Knit in my own silver romney handspun (undyed) from Hello Yarn in that chocolate's gone straight to your ribs pattern which I found on ravelry, yay ravelry! It is so much easier to find a knitting pattern now.

Next is the foliage hat for my mom, knit in mystery wool from the stash. A fun knit, I'd like to try it with the yarn it calls for malabringo. The color is far more purplish, but this is what you get taking photos at night.

And another hat for my mom, so she can have a choice. This is in my spunky eclectic handspun 100% wool in the mandy colorway. I really love this pattern and definitely want to do this one for myself, it's the slouchy copycat hat. It's not so slouchy, but is nice and stretchy.

Now that christmas knitting is done I'm onto baby knitting, but once it's done I will be back to knitting for me!!!!


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