Thursday, November 01, 2007

I made it: yarn

So, I mentioned that after our day at Rhinebeck my friend taught me how to spin on drop spindle. As I was instantly hooked I came home and ordered myself a drop spindle to practice/learn on. And now I have yarn that I made, silver romney wool, navajo ply I think. I just did a ply that made sense. I think I will just keep it this yummy natural color, I already kool-aid dyed some fiber and plan to do some more after Thanksgiving (when I can go to a real grocery store with lots of kool-aid colors).
It's just a shame we didn't go back to rhinebeck after I learned to spin, I think I would have a house full of hanfpainted fiber now. Hmmm... that is probably good for my budget and my house.
I do have enough fiber to spin right now and there is always etsy, plus kool-aid dyeing the fiber myself in the microwave is definitely interesting.


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