Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dusters in the 'Burgh

I saw the Infamous Stringdusters on May 14th at Club Cafe, which is actually the second time they've come through in the nine months I've been there. It's great that they're touring around here so much and I hope they keep with it so they can get more of a following. The bluegrass scene here is slightly smaller than what I was used to in NYC, in fact when I saw Crooked Still in March I heard a girl there remark that she didn't know why more younger people were into this music. I almost went up to her and told here to go to a bluegrass show in NYC, so many young people obviously excited about this type of music.

Anyway, I was reminded that I was intending to post something about this show when I saw a friend this weekend.The show was great and I loved that they played one of my favorite-favorite old songs, 99 Years, as an encore. And they did it acoustically, which was even better. Though, obviously I could work on my picture taking skills a little bit.
(99 Years and One Dark Day- great prison song, where the protagonist kills his "woman with a 44" because what is bluegrass without killing some girlfriend)

On a lightly related note I just noticed that Sarah Jarosz's album comes out June 16th; I'm really looking forward to checking that out.

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