Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm just saying...

Do people not know that when you get on an elevator you should let those getting off get off first? It's not like there are no elevators in NY, people are on them all the time, but at least twice in one week people have gotten on the elevator in the lobby before letting anyone off first. Do they really need to get upstairs that urgently?

Monday, January 22, 2007

On the L.E.S. with clapotis

I went to a bar on Friday nigh to celebrate a roommate's birthday. I was sitting directly in front of the door, so I kept my bulky weight clapotis wrapped around my neck. As I was chatting with the girl across the table from me she asked me where I had gotten my scarf. I sheepishly (bad pun) fessed up that I had made it. She acted very impressed. Though then she said something about knitting being "mindless". I don't think she meant that knitters don't have brains.

Anyway, why do I always feel like I have to hide my knitting a bit? It's like with nonknitters I have to pretend it is a loser hobby for someone with 12 cats. Maybe that's the way I see it in my head, even though there are all sorts of wonderfully creative beautiful things to knit I think I still see it as being somewhat grandmotherly. Sewing I have always admitted, but this knitting I like to hide. Like when I went to rhinebeck this year, I was very excited, but when the boy I was seeing asked what I was doing that weekend I just said I was going to see a friend in Albany. And that is where I was staying..... And then when I came back and he asked what we did I said we had gone to a fiber festival. I did not tell him about the crowds and the clapoti I saw and the yarn ogling and the fatigue and the lamb burgers, I simply said fiber festival and changed the subject. He knew I knit, he saw my purple gloves and my scarf and told me he liked them, but why did I hide it?

Monday, January 08, 2007


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Now I didn't get a camera, but I do have a picture of the first finished object of 2007 is the Monkey sock. This is the first one that was finished over Christmas and the second one is waiting to be grafted and have it's end sewn in. I swear I'll do it tonight.

And my stitch pattern on the first sock is off. I deleted the 2 knit across rows accidentially and didn't notice until I got to the toe. So the first sock has one pattern and the second has a slighty different pattern. I kind of like it that way.

Meanwhile, I started a jaywalker sock in some sock yarn I kool-aid dyed in September. I dyed 4 skeins and passed them out to the girls I knit with. This means I ended up with the pink and red skein, which is more like a light pink and cherry. I didn't like how it looked in the skein, but I rolled it into a ball and now love how it looks and it is getting nice and stripey as I knit it up. I'm going to take a picture to show when it is longer than an inch and a half.

I'm a little on edge this morning because NYC smells like gas. I hope it isn't because of Osama. And I hope I can take the subway home.