Tuesday, May 30, 2006

scottish play

This summer the Scottish play will be in Central Park. I think I will definitely pass. I've never liked the play much, but don't get me started how it has intertwined with my life. It's all a little mad, just like the play.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


How did I not know about this?

Friday, May 19, 2006


I may have been overreacting a little about my hair. It will be fine once the bangs grow out a bit and then before I know it my hair will be shoulder length again. I think it was just a shock to find my hair so short. Until it grows out I guess I'll try to "make it work" as I can't go into hiding and not leave my house for a month. I intend to try to look French and pixie-like until my hair is a normal length again. I suppose this will involve trying to wear cute clothes and makeup (ugh). But I didn't buy that fancy makeup for nothing.

Anyway, knitting, yes I am still doing that and I even have a picture above of the lovely lace sock. I have decided to call it a strawberries and creme lovely lace sock because it is kind of creamy looking. I haven't fallen in love with this pattern and I'm not sure that it's a perfect match for the yarn, but I think it will look cute when I'm done and that's all that really matters.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I promised I would post a picture of my lace sock from the spring 06 IK, but I wanted to turn the heel first. I did finish turning the heel this morning and will probably post a picture tomorrow.

I went to get my hair cut last night and they interpreted shoulder length as really damn short so I'm kind of freaking out today about the shortness of my hair. It will be fine when it grows out about an inch, but right now it is that in between stage of not being short and not having enough length and I think it makes me look like a 3 year-old. I swear it is almost the same cut that I had when I was 3 and my mom made me get horrible bowl cuts. I just don't want to look cutesy, I hate looking cutesy. I think it is time to hibernate for a month until I look normal again. I can't believe I piad someone to make me look like this. Sigh.

Monday, May 15, 2006

new yarn and wooly skies

I got some yarn to make CeCe. After much deliberation I decided to order some saucy cotton. I wanted to try something other than Brown sheep cotton fleece, which I like, but am a bit tired of. Anyway, if I like the pattern enough I can make a second sweater. I ordered turquoise, which I hope I will like in person; I really wasn't sure which color to order so I went with my gut.

Back to work, I think I need some hot chocolate today, it's too cold and rainy up here in NYC and I'm still drying out from the downpour during my sister's graduation Saturday (yes, it was outdoors and yes it rained, during America the Beautiful no less). Where did May go?

Friday, May 12, 2006


Not a much better picture, but a closer one so you can see the details of the lace that spirals around the sock.

I guess I have never been much a photographer. Sorry.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Mata Hari's

Originally uploaded by lilachica.
Here are the beautiful socks knitted by mama-of-purl. It's kind of hard to see all the great detail in these gorgeous socks, but they have a very fine spiral pattern that twists up the foot. My crappy early morning picture doesn't really capture it. I think I'll try to take a detailed picture at lunchtime if I get a few moments to myself today. Plus they look really cute with my red mary jane flats. Thanks mama-of-purl.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

They're Here

My socks came! All the way from mama-of-purl in Germany! They're the Mata Hari pattern from craftoholic. I hope to wear them and take a picture tomorrow.

lookee here

Katie recieved her socks yesterday, even though I forgot to put a tracking number on the package so I could track it as it made it's way south. Pop over and take a look at the finished socks that I forgot to take a picture of and she has a picture of her beautiful green gable too.

Monday, May 08, 2006


I am trying to be really patient and wait for my socks to get to my pal and wait for my own socks to come. The suspense is nearly killing me. And then what if my pal didn't finish on time, or dropped out? How will I know? I'll just be waiting by the mailbox sadly and nothing will ever come. I also feel like I should have put a tracking number on my package, cause I love tracking packages and am afraid my socks will get lost. Poor lost socks, I can't have that. Well, hopefully the mail will come through and there will be socks all around soon.

I'm being over dramatic and lunch didn't help. I went to the drug store to find that my prescription wasn't ready, Sephora to find they didn't have the color of lip gloss I tried last week, and I waited in line at H&M to try on pants that looked like crap. Gah, back to work.