Saturday, November 07, 2009

Crafterday: New Sweater!

The kool aid yarn has not been dyed yet, but I finally have some pictures of my finished sweater.I can use the self-timer on my camera!

I used the featherweight cardigan pattern and modified the front band to finish it in a feather and fan pattern. If you ravel, the notes are here. This yarn is not the best (I got it for free back when I was in design school and have no clue what it is), but it does make for a nice cozy sweater. It may even become my house sweater when it starts to get really cold.Closeup of the front band feather and fan

It's a great pattern and maybe I'll re-knit it in the recommended malabrigo lace-weight when I have a yarn budget again. Though from now until Christmas I may just be doing gift knitting.
And I forgot, hello somcak!

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