Sunday, September 14, 2008

new sweater fit for rhinebeck

I have a lovely new sweater that would be perfect for Rhinebeck, which I haven't completely decided against. Yet, another strike against it is that it appears to be over seven hours away. Seven hours is a lot for one person to drive by herself, especially if she still is slightly afraid of driving period. I guess I have been in denial about how far away I am from most of New York State. Ah well, I don't need to go to Rhinebeck, do I? Of course this is what I said to myself last year and then I ended up there anyway. So I guess we'll see.

Oh and the sweater is the Apres Surf hoodie from IK Summer 2008 in jaeger sienna, which I de-hoodified to make it a bit dressier/appropriate for work. I simply picked up the stitches around the neck and knit a few rows and then did an i-cord bind off. I'm quite pleased with it. I also lengthened the body, made the shoulders smaller and shortened the sleeves, which I do with practically every sweater I knit anyway.

And please ignore the state of my room, these pictures were taken right after I moved in. I swear it is tidier now.

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Blogger pianogirlrach said...

Very Pretty!....If you need a ride to Rhinebeck, perhaps we can work something out, we'll talk.

Your sister

10:52 AM  

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