Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last weekend

Excluding the continued heat issues, which were fixed Sunday night and cross your fingers, will stay fixed, this weekend was pretty nice.

Friday I had plans to try and do yoga, but scrapped them when I really just wanted to go home and heat up some dinner and watch some netflix. Persuasion, an older version from what I believe I saw on PBS this Spring, and leftover chicken dinner. Yum.

Saturday morning was rainy and cold, but I was determined to go up to the snazzy Carnegie library branch where there was a resource I wanted to look at for homework and a used book sale. And as it turns out they also have yoga Saturday mornings, which is where I may be this Saturday morning. I also got six paperback books, which is good because I have been missing just running by the strand bookstore and picking up cheap books and the free books people put out on stoops in Brooklyn. I have yet to find one free book outside a house here.

Saturday night I ushered at a bluegrass show, well it was more of a concert than a show. I actually saw the main act, the Infamous Stringdusters, this past July when they played with Chatham County Line and Crooked Still at Bowery Ballroom. I was sad that CCL and Crooked Still weren't there, but the opening act local band, Mon River Ramblers, were great. And they're based around here, so I can go see them again. They even have Blue Night up on their myspace.

It was strange seeing the Stringdusters in a completely different setting. Instead of young kids and hipsters I was surrounded by people about twenty years older than me. There were no drunk girls spilling beer on people between acts and no hillbilly mosh pit. But there were seats and I had a pretty good view. I suppose as a volunteer I could have buddied up to the bands if I had wanted to, but was too shy. Though I suppose if I had been that close to some other bands I would have fallen over faint.

I took a few camera pics, even though I was told it was verboten. Very different than at Bowery Ballroom when the audience was encouraged to tape the encore and put it up on youtube.

Sunday was full of good fun with pumpkins and knitting, but I think Susan describes it best.

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Blogger Booksy said...

shoulda introduced yourself. next time let us know you're comin' and we'll get you in.

9:57 AM  

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