Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mountain Stage

I made a point to stay home Sunday afternoon and listen to mountain stage on WVPR through the internets. I suppose I could have waited to hear it online, but I was looking forward to this particular show since I had heard about the taping in August. Two of the featured performers were acts that I saw this summer, Crooked Still and Carrie Rodriguez. Well now the Crooked Still set is online and I'll probably listen to it again. Carrie's set should be up later this week and she'll actually be in Pittsburgh in December. I doubt the venue will be better than the living room or joe's pub, but I'll take what I can get.

And Carrie will also be on Auctin City Limits around October 25th. Now to see when Chris Thile/Edgar Meyer will be on woodsongs. If I was still in NYC I would be seeing them at Carnegie Hall. Fine. It's ironic that I'll miss them at Carnegie Hall while in the land of all things Carnegie. Can't they play Carnegie something here instead?



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