Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I drove up to Ithaca, NY with some friends this past weekend. While I was there we went apple picking and came back with a lot of lovely apples so I am now scouring recipe books and the internet for apple recipes. The first will likely be an apple spice cake from my edition of Joy of Cooking. I hope to follow that with apple butter. I'm not so sure about any of the recipes I have found so far. It is a bit tricky because I don't have a food mill or crockpot.

I also found a recipe for this Apple Pizza which I might try too. Are there any other apple recipes I'm missing?

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Blogger somcak said...

get a copy of the original Betty Crocker cookbook (the 1961 edition I think) and make the apple pie in there. It's amazing and offers several variations which are all awesome (I've tried them all over the years).

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