Saturday, November 14, 2009

Crafterday: What next?

Since finishing a secret gift project (well "finishing" doesn't include the many ends to weave in) I really don't know what to start next. I do have a sock on the needles and a shawl that I may rip out because I'm not so fond of it. I am trying to decide what my next big project should be. With the stash running low due to purchasing constraints, I've narrowed myself down to two sweater patterns.

The treeline striped cardigan and whisper stripe pullover. I wasn't sure about the whisper stripe pullover at first, but I saw a version on ravelry that was gorgeous and if I narrow the neck and shoulders a bit I should be able to make it work.

I've included pictures of each of the swatches below. I'm just not sure about the colors, is a blue and purple striped cardigan too loud? Will I wear a black mohair sweater? Speaking of loud, I have some hot pink mohair in the stash, but not enough for this sweater. So what should I do? Keep working on socks until I have some better inspiration?

Treeline Striped Cardigan

Whisper Stripe Pullover

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