Thursday, October 01, 2009

Apple Goodness

I came back from Ithaca with a peck of apples and the other night I cooked about half of them. I made two things, a lovely spiced apple cake from my edition of Joy of Cooking
and some apple butter using a recipe I found online.
The apple butter doesn't have the same texture as the stuff you get from a jar, it's more like a spiced applesauce. I suppose I could have cooked it down more, but after about two to three hours at a slow simmer I declared it to be done. And actually I was terrified of burning it so I'm just really happy it turned out.

So what do I do with the rest of the apples? Maybe the apple pizza I mentioned before. I don't know how many more sweet apple desserts I can handle right now so I'm looking for some savory recipes. I'm tempted to slice some of then thinly and saute them with onions and chicken or a light flavored sausage.

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Blogger somcak said...

A good savory recipe is to chop some apples, onions, potatoes, and spicy sausage and just saute it up! Really good!

10:56 PM  
Blogger Ivy said...

You are a big apple picking jerk, missy. Raar!

(Miss you!)

10:06 PM  

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